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Municipal Court Forms (Encrypted)

  1. Contact Information Update

    Contact Information Update

  2. Court Date Request

    Court Date Request (Not Guilty Plea)

  3. Deferred Disposition Request

    Sworn Request for Deferred Disposition Probation

  4. Document Submittal Form

    Document Submittal Form

  5. Driving Safety Course Request

    Driving Safety Course Request

  6. Payment Plan Request

    Payment Plan Request

  7. Prosecutor/Attorney Plea Offer

    Submit Plea and Acceptance of Prosecutor's Offer - ATTORNEY

  1. Court Date - Reset Request

    Reset Court Date

  2. Deferred Disposition Documents(s)

    Submit Deferred Disposition Document(s)

  3. Document Submittal - Other Documents

    Document Submittal - Other Documents

  4. Drivers Safety Course Documents

    Submitting Drivers Safety Course Document(s)

  5. Motion for Time Served

    Defendant's Motion for Credit For Time Served

  6. Plea Form

    Plea Form for Class C Misdemeanors

  7. Waiver of Right to Show Cause Hearing

    Waiver of Right to Show Cause Hearing